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Seaside Glamour

This beautiful seaside home provides the perfect place for the home owner to entertain her many guests. She wished for an elegant space that is inspired by its beach location. Her love of soft ocean colors and shiny details provided us with the blueprint for this glamourous design.

A combination of pale gray and muted teal inset cabinetry set the tone for the space. These are paired with stunning Bianco Neve polished marble countertops that feature an element of sparkle. The white marble backsplash tile includes a detail in sea hued glass. The soft curved shape in the tile is repeated in the design of the hood and in the shape of the polished nickel cabinetry pulls. In contrast to the cool blue/green tones we added warm rose-gold details throughout. Rose-gold hardware is used at the island and wet bar while metal mesh inserts highlight the large step-in pantry doors. Inside the pantry you’ll find a surprise of shimmering teal wall tile and gray stained oak shelves.

An awkward post threatened to disrupt the design of the island so we worked with it to create architectural interest. We concealed the post inside a “white washed,” wood textured column and used it to anchor an elegant polished nickel shelving piece that rests on the island. The island boasts plenty of storage including a dog feeding station with water resistant drawer and quartz backsplash for easy cleaning.

The wet bar was a much needed addition for entertaining. It includes concealed refrigerator drawers and ice maker. The glass doored cabinetry features a circular mullion design, contrasting teal interior, and wavy baroque glass inserts. Glass accents on the wet bar hardware complete the look. 

Team Consultants

Contractor: Ken Shute
Photography: Rob Karosis Photography

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