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For Immediate Release: PKsurroundings Receives 5 Cornerstone Awards

PKsurroundings, a Kitchen & Bath Design company in Exeter New Hampshire, received 5 Cornerstone Awards at the 2016 New Hampshire Home Builders Association’s annual Cornerstone Awards Ceremony. These awards serve to recognize excellence in the building industry and included Gold award in Kitchen Remodel 50K-75K and Silver awards in Kitchen Remodel 75K-125K, Bathroom Remodel 25K-50K, Kitchen Remodel 50K-75K and Most Unusual Project.

PKsurroundings has been a member of the NHHBA for 7 years. As members of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association, PKsurroundings understands the building industry and is a leader in the Kitchen and Bath Design industry that provides full design, a renovation liaison service and high quality materials to its clients. They offer a team approach on all projects to create the best design and alleviate the stress to their customers. 

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